Be Waterwise

Be Waterwise

Central Tablelands Water's Be Waterwise offer completely alert of your obligations beneath the new Statewide water efficiency measures. If you want the detailed information please visit our website (

* Central Tablelands Water's Be Waterwise used a timer in the shower, twist off running taps while brushing your teeth, use the water saver cycle on washing machines and dishwahers where achievable, install airators in your sink taps that lessen the flow but stay water pressure and use water wise shower heads.

* Fix dripping taps and remember likely to check water leaks or if you have a strange increase in your utilization levels. You can do this by turning off all your water and examination the meter if it is running it means you may have a leak and should contact Busselton Water.

* Deep soak your lawn. Watering your lawn every night makes the grass shallow-rooted. Water for longer periods, less frequently, to immerse deep into the soil

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