Organic Food Chain Grade A certification

Organic beetroot is a root vegetable with two parts, the root and the safe to eat green leaves. In ancient civilizations, only the green leaves of the beetroot plant were eaten; the roots were used medicinally to treat headaches and toothaches. It is part of the family of vegetables that comprises silverbeet, chard and other foliage beets.

To trim down the moisture loss from the roots, cut off organic beetroot greens before storing, but depart at least 2cm of the stem fixed. put the unwashed roots in a plastic bag and preserve in the refrigerator crisper for up to three weeks. Store the greens alone in the same way, though they remain for a much small period of time.

To protect their colour and nutrients, before cooking them in liquid organic beetroot should never be cut or peel, or else, they will "ADD" their affluent red juices while cooking and turn a bland dull brown.

Scrub organic beetroot very soft and dip well, but be alert not to shatter the skin, which is fairly thin. Leave at least 2cm of stem and don't trim the root. Beetroot is cooked when you can easily pierce them with the tilt of a sharp knife. Once cooked, you can rind them. 

Cooked organic beetroots hold their colour better if some acid ingredient is inserted to the cooking water; vinegar or lemon juice, used in many beet recipes, will remain them a stunning crimson.

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