Benefits of a Solar Hot Water System

Benefits of a Solar Hot Water System

At AGL Solar, we want everyone to enjoy the positives and all the benefits that a solar hot water system can bring into their lives. 

By installing a solar hot water system, it means that you are literally using the sun’s energy to heat your water. 

So besides not using fossil fuels - what are the other benefits of solar hot water?

The very first positive is the the amount of greenhouse emissions you are actually saving. Heating water is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions from an average Aussie household. Almost a quarter of our emissions come from hot water. So by investing in solar hot water - we can give our environment a big boost.

Another benefit lies in the noticeable decrease in the amount of money you will be spending on hot water. With a five star energy efficient gas hot water system, it can save you about 15% on running costs. With a gas-boosted solar hot water system, you can save 30%. And if you're eligible, you can receive government rebates on your hot water system. All up, you can save a big amount of money with a simple change in your hot water system.

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