Big Wasters

Nearly 3 millionm toner cartridges are dumped as landfill in Australia every year but we are beginning to move in the correct direction.

Australian Laser Charge's recycling aim is to have zero landfill from the waste that it collects. At current we switch 80 % of the waste that we gather from landfill. Australian Laser Charge is currently working with some tactical partners to decrease our landfill waste. We are coming quicker towards our goal.

Previous year, the waste we abstracted from landfill included 5,000 cardboard boxes and inserts 3,500 aluminium drums 6,000 plastic catridges ... saving an estimated 115 barrels of oil and 48 trees.

If you are using new toner cartridges for your printer you can also help us to decrease the waste by allowing us to recycle your used cartridges.


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