Bio Products Floor applications for timber and slate/stone

 There are three different ways you can treat your floors !

1) Varnishing your floors.

2) Oil your Floors

3) Wax your floors

Which ever way you decide to treat your floors we have the solution for you.

Bio Floor Varnish : A transparent floor varnish providing a walkable , anti static , dirt and water repellent surface.Comes as a gloss or satin finish and can be tinted to a stain  in colours such as  Walnut,mahogany ,teak or blue ,black white ect.

Bio Floor oil : An interior floor oil that penetrates deeply into the wood and forms a breathing satin and water repellent surface. Can also be tinted to a stain.

Bio Timber Oil : An exterior timber/decking oil which deepens and enhances the natural grain of the timber.

Bio Hard Floor Wax : A Transparent matt finish sealing wax. It seals the pores and forms a durable anti-static surface that repels water and dirt.

Bio Timber Care Polish : A polish for the maintenance of your floors.Can also  be used on toys , furniture , wood pannelling , cork and linoleum.It protectsthe surface from dirt and mechanical wear.

As always our products are made from natural oils and resins.  

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