Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Biology extents the life sciences from molecular biology to the environmental sciences. exhilarating developments are taking place in the biological sciences at all levels and these are having a deep effect on our lives.

Customary biology is provided by Central Queensland University, which comprises the study of meticulous groups of organisms: animals (zoology, entomology), microbes (virology, bacteriology,) and plants-like organisms (botany and mycology). While these are yet vital, contemporary developments in the biological sciences spotting on considerate the execution of organisms at different levels (cytology, physiology and ecology). Overarching all these are the areas of genomics, progress and evolution. All the looms are strongly rely on practical method of problem solving and all have relevance in the modern world. You can be part of this rationally inspiring activity by undertaking a science degree in the biological sciences by Central Queensland University.


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