Bio-mex - The Ultimate All-In-One, Eco Cleaning Solution!

Imagine a natural product that performs as well, and in some ways better than chemical products! Bio-mex is known as the eco cleaner with “GRUNT”.

 It's a natural product that can effectively clean, polish and protect, all the different surfaces of an entire home, without the need for gloves, spot testing, and without toxic odors!

Biomex is a revolutionary cleaning product from Germany that gives your customers the ultimate all-in-one, environmentally friendly household cleaner.

An easy-to-use paste, Biomex can be used almost anywhere in the home, as well as outdoors, with absolute confidence, yet it’s exceptionally effective and economical.

Combining rigorous European standards, cutting-edge research and all-natural ingredients, Biomex’s unique formula is now available in Australia for the first time.

· Strong on dirt, gentle on surfaces – non-abrasive, cleans and polishes kitchenware, fixtures, antiques, and more

· Economical – concentrate lasts for around 3 months, saving customers up to 50% in cleaning costs!

· Safe for everyone in the family – non-irritating, perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers

· Great for the environment – no harsh chemicals, all-natural ingredients, 100% biodegradable

· Longstanding brand that is a market leader in Europe, backed by an all-Australian company
Biomex’s powerful cleaning action is perfect for just about any surface, both indoors and out:

· Stainless Steel
· Gold and Silver Jewellery
· Plastics and Rubber
· Brass and Chrome
· Bathtubs and Shower Screens
· Ceramics and Wood
· Tiles and Grouting     
· Laminex and Formica
· Glass and Mirrors

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