Biological Nutrient Removal

E.G.L. has wide knowledge in B.N.R. treatment ranging from higher procedure modeling through to design, construction and process of whole systems. Unlike many other companies, EGL does not rely on a single type of BNR system.

We will select and customize the system best suited to the application, taking into account effluent requirements, process robustness, whole of life cost and ease of operation.

How it Works

Traditionally, sewage was treated in biological wastewater treatment systems designed only to remove solids and dissolved organic pollutants (BOD).

In order to cater for ever increasing standards for wastewater treatment, modern biological wastewater treatment systems have been developed to also remove nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous.

In Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) treatment systems, the wastewater is treated biologically in an optimised system incorporating aerated and non-aerated zones treatment steps.


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