Botanical Information Systems

The computer hardware contains a combined system of Sun UNIX servers, Sun UNIX workstations, and networked PCs and Macintosh computers. These are attached via fibre optic network with a twisted pair connection within the building around the ANBG and CSIRO black mountain sites. Within the Centre, CSIRO and Department of the Environment and Water Resources (serving DEW staff) networks run in similar ways, serving the management requires of each party's contribution to the Centre.

The DEW and CSIRO network infrastructures give and run connection to the Internet and to other organizations through Volante, its outsourced IT management provider manages the desktop environment for ANBG staff and CSIRO Plant Industry for CSIRO staff. The network shares High superiority printers for herbarium labels and other documents. Various digital scanners, video cameras, video monitors, CD-ROM servers and other devices are also accessible on the network. The type of work network handle is:

I. Backup

II. Archiving of file systems and institutional databases.


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