Bauer's Organic Farm's Broccoli is a great anti-cancer vegetable but unluckily usually grown broccoli is frequently greatly sprayed to keep the grubs at bay. However at Bauer's Organic, we give our customers a great looking, good tasting, health-enhancing, grub-free product. You'll see in this photograph (left) that we have plenty of trees contiguous to our broccoli paddocks which are home to the birds and other critters that help manage the pests.

Bauer's Organic Farm tries to harvest our broccoli very early in the morning while it's fairly cool. After being yielded it is positioned instantly into the special coldroom which rapidly draws its temperature downward to 2oC. Once cooled satisfactorily it is then filled into polystyrene boxes with a good layer of ice packed straight on top of the broccoli, with a lid taped safely on top. The broccoli are then sent in refrigerated semitrailers to markets.

Refrigeration is necessary and the perfect storage temp is around 2oC. If broccoli is left out of the fridge - bare to the air and the heat - it will go truly soft in no time at all. We go to great lengths to cool it speedily and keep it cooled to prolong its shelf life for you. Keep it in the same manner and you will guarantee its long life and goodness.

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