Canberra's Garden Heritage

Canberra is a garden, but according to members of the ACT/Monaro/Riverina Branch of the Australian Garden History Society, it's true in the broadest sense.

In a film commissioned by the Society and launched in now days at the National Botanic Gardens, landscape historian Professor Ken Taylor explains Canberra as "a vision" with all the elements of the grand created landscape - vistas, water, enclosed and open spaces and blurred boundaries with the larger surroundings.

This film made possible due to Part funding from the ACT government's heritage fund and the AGHS, and donations from a number of sponsors, including the Dame Elizabeth Murdoch Trust.

Leading Australian landscape architects, historians, educators and writers tell the remarkable story of how Canberra, the Garden City, was made and pay honor to the initiatives of both public and private gardeners as our cameras help you to take you on the tour of worlds one of the most attractive and wonderful cities with the full autumn color.

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