Car Carbon Emission Reduction Machine

Oxyhydrogen car engine carbon cleaning machine can improve the automobile performance by cleaning the accumulated carbon in engine. The carbon cleaning machine uses electricity as power, electrolyze the pure water to oxy-hydrogen gas and feed gas into engine by tube to clean engine carbon deposit automatically.

1. Function of OKAY carbon cleaning machine
After using OKAY Carbon cleaning machine, carbon deposit is cleaned wih following influence:
a> Improve car engine efficiency & performance, save 10% gasoline immediately. After 500km traveling, it can save 20% gasoline.
b> Decrease the exhaust emissions. reduce emission of HC (hydrocarbon) by 70%, CO (carbon monoxide) by 60%.
c> Improve the accelerator & horsepower performance, extend the service life of engine and car. Do carbon cleaning once per year, drive new car every day.

2. Environment Friendly
HHO generator uses water and electricity as fuel to create oxyhydrogen gas. The gas is clean without any medical components, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. Do no harm to auto parts or environment.

3. Cost save & Maximum Economy
a> Save time and money.HHO gas is generated only by using electricity and pure water. The cost reduces more than 40% compared to traditional ways. And the working only needs 20min.
b> Energy Saving more than 30% compared with traditional carbon reducing methods.

4. Convenient & Safe
a> Full automatically running. Operator just needs to start the machine on & the machine will stop automatically and alarm after cleaning finished.
b> Gas supplied steady & reliable. Generate gas automatically when machine is on. No gas cylinder needed. No worries for gas tank rupture or explode.
c> Multiple safety devices, including overheating and water shortage detect devices, will automatically turn off to ensure the safety of both equipment and operator.

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