Cardiffair Commercial Fan Systems

Commercial buildings are generally more compact and often have rooms and ceiling space in comparison with industrial buildings. But they still have the similar problems with heat build up, odours and uncomfortable employees in the Summer months.

Headaches, drowsiness and inability to concentrate? It�s not only the heat and humidity - although they're part of the problem. But if this is how you suffer, you could be working in a badly ventilated building.

The real victim is carbon dioxide - a well known asphyxiant! It�s heavier than air, so it settles out at ground level when it pools and builds up around people, making them feel dull or boring. Foggy. Tired. Slow-witted. Unproductive. Accident prone.

Cardiff Air Control System's CARDIFFAIR COMMERCIAL FAN creating a breeze is as easy and simple as 1,2,3. On the Cardiff Air Control System's CARDIFFAIR COMMERCIAL FAN on and the fan placed in the roof will start up, opening the louvres in the ceiling and begin pulling in the fresh air from outside throughout the windows or doors you open in the areas you want cooling fresh air.

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