Charismo Downlights

 Recessed lensing
CR190/ UGR / 90° beam angle
110mm, 1000Lm, 11W
130mm, 1000Lm, 11W
180mm, 2000LM, 20W
180mm, 3000Lm, 30W
245mm, 1000Lm, 12W
245mm, 2000Lm, 30W
245mm, 3000Lm, 30W
245mm, 4000Lm, 40W
245mm, 5000Lm, 50W

Charismo COB Downlights’ combines unique style with brilliance and extra low glare to replace conventional
compact fluorescent and discharge downlights. Available in various output ratings in each size, IP54 and with a controlled
beam, Charismo provides the installer with opportunity to optimise the lighting scheme to suit any installation requirement
both internally or externally.
The colour select feature is operated by dip switch on the emLIGHT driver which guarantees that the stated illumination level
(lumens) and power is maintained for each colour output unlike some similar products


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