Cleaning, Anti-Slip, Safety, Protective Matting

Tyrex Technologies "CleanCare" matting products offer the top levels of eco cleaning, protection, anti-slip, security and visual appeal in industrial, commercial, retail and domestic applications.

Whether you desire to eliminate dirt or moisture, guard an asset, or raise safety, Tyrex Technologies "CleanCare" products have been carefully researched and designed and plan to offer authentic advantages in a cost efficient manner.

Tyrex CleanCare products are simple underfoot, have major cleaning and anti-slip characteristics, inherent from the tyres from which they are recycled, and improved by especially included surface textures developed for Tyrex.

Perfect for industrial, commercial, retail and domestic applications, in both wet and dry environments, our Tyrex CleanCare product collection is self tough, 'breathes easily' and whether installed enduringly, or in relocatable applications, is tremendously safe and constant to walk upon.

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