Thomson Playford is one of top commercial law firms in Australia.
We provide summer and winter clerkships which normally run for a era of three weeks for winter clerkships and four to eight weeks for summer clerkships, depending on university term dates and needs at the time. In the second or third year of study student can get winter clerkships and in their penultimate or final year offered summer clerkships. Winter clerkships are only accessible in our Adelaide office.
Where possible, you will be placed in your favored region of practice. You will be selected in this area for the duration of your clerkship, as we think this guarantees continuous development, supervision and a chance to put together into a group. However, there will in most situations, be opportunities for you to support with work across other practice areas if required.
Graduate Development Program
All of our graduates are selected from our clerkships programs. Once you have finished a clerkship with us you can apply for year long Graduate Development Program. During the program you will work across two of our major practice areas, completing six month rotations.
Rotations during the Graduate Development Program 
If you are not sure which area of law you want specialize, our program can help you. You will be given the chance to put forward two to three practice groups that you would like to experience and we will do our best to make sure your program is customized to incorporate your choices. One rotation will perfectly be finished in a litigation based practice area.You and your supervising partner will analyse your performance at the end of each rotation.
Thomson Playford has more than 250 staff and offices in Adelaide and Sydney, and a developing presence in Melbourne.
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