Coergy Solar Modules for Residential PV

Coergy Solar Modules for Residential PV

Here at SolarCell, we use Coergy Solar Modules because we trust in their design, engineering the their quality. 

One of our most popular Solar Module is the Coergy P185-190m - which is great for residential usage but also powerful and reliable enough for large areas.

The Conergy P 170–190M solar modules offer a multitude of possible uses at an attractive price/performance ratio. They are equipped with 72 efficient monocrystalline cells and have proven their worth in practical applications over the years. 

They are characterised by high yield and a long service life. The production process is certified according to the international quality standard and also meets the high quality standards of Conergy. Due to the high-quality manufacturing and the small module width, the Conergy P 170–190M can be used for variety of applications.

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