Higgins Insulation Cotton fibres are epidermal hairs that grow up on seed coats of plants in the genus Gossypium. The seed hairs are void trichomes composed almost completely of roughage laid down in a spiral pattern. As a result of this arrangement, the hairs twist as they dry out causing them to grip together when spun.

Textiles have been using Higgins Insulation Cotton fibres for thousands of years. Proof from archaeological lodgings shows that ancient peoples on differing sides of the world had alone revealed the value of cotton and were interlacing it into textiles as early on as 5 000 BC.

Cotton is a tremendously flexible fibre used in a series of materials, from sheer muslin to coarse canvas. It is exceptionally strong and is particularly suitable for clothing in warm climates - the fibres are really porous, suck up a large volume of water in percentage to their weight, thus keeping the body dry. The cotton fibres are also high-quality conductors of heat, so the body is held cool in hot weather.

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