Cr9000 Measurement & Control System

Cr9000 Measurement & Control System

Campbell Scientific Australia's CR9000 Measurement & Control System contains a foundation system and a chassis with free slots for input output modules that maximized up to nine user-selected modules. A packed in version of the CR9000 was offered as the CR9000C, which received up to five user-selected modules. The CR9000s' powerful instruction set assisted measurement of most sensor types, on-board processing, data reduction, and smart control.

Features of CR9000 Measurement & Control System are as follows:
a. Substituted by the CR9000X
b. Manufactured from 1995-2004
c. Planned for applications needing quick scan rates and/or a huge number of channels
d. Modular, multi-processor base system includes CPU, power supply and A/D modules
e. System throughput was 100,000 samples/second
f. Up to none I/O Modules could be used to organize a system for explicit applications.

Modules included: -
A. CR9052DC Anti-alias Filter Module
B. CR9055E 50 Volt Analog Input Modules with simple Connector Module
C. 2 M Flash EEPROM
D. 2 M Static RAM
E. CR9058E 60 Volt Isolated Analog Input Module with RTD, consists one CR9058E Easy Connector Module \
F. CR9060 Excitation Module
G. CR9071E Pulse Module with Easy Connector Module \
H. CR9080 Peripheral Adapter and Memory Module
I. CR9050 5 Volt Analog Input Module with RTD
J. CR9051E Fault-protected 5 Volt Analog Input Module
K. Resolution of 16-bit
L. On-board, BASIC-like programming language
M. CR9055 50 Volt Analog Input Modules
N. PC9000 Support Software provided program generation, data graphics, and analysis



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