Cultured Stone

Cultured Stone

Here at Boral, we model our cultured stone products from natural stone and created with painstaking care and artistry, Cultured Stone achieves the depth, complexity of colour, pattern and unique texture of stone.

With nine distinct ranges and a diverse palette of colours, there are numerous options for size, shape, colour and texture, providing the artistic freedom to create a truly personal look.

We are committed to developing and improving products that work for tomorrow, not just today. In all Cultured Stone products, there is a minimum of 54 per cent recycled content.

Our Cultured Stone is engineered to last, maintaining its beauty and strength for at least 50 years. Furthermore, Cultured Stone cladding does not require painting, coating or sealing after installation.

Through clever engineering, Cultured Stone weighs much less than natural stone so it is easier to lift and install on a wider range of surfaces. Cultured Stone is a great way to highlight design details regardless of the architectural styles you are working with. 

Cultured Stone claddings come in a wide variety of shapes, colours, sizes and textures to satisfy the most exacting tastes. each texture is cast in the mold of a natural stone and meticulously hand-coloured to give it a visual authenticity that can’t be matched. Whether a project is interior or exterior, commercial or residential, there’s a Cultured Stone cladding solution that’s just right. 

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