Current Projects

Current Projects

Australian Sustainable School Initiative, Vic (AuSSI,Vic) Training Resource Development

The VAEE is at present working with associates on a project called "Resource Development to Support AuSSI, Vic". Across school in Victoria this project is the first step in rolling out the AuSSI, Vic program. The project partners, CERES Enviornmental Park, NCS Swinburne and La Trobe University will put up three linked resources and teaching packages that will build the capacity of enable environmental sustainability educators and teachers to help AuSSI, Vic. These resources are: -

Victorian Association for Environmental Education embattled a training program for community, business, Government and Statutory body agencies, to allow them to be state-wide facilitators for the AuSSI, Vic in Victorian Schools.

A precise training program for pre-service teachers, to tell the next generation of teachers about AuSSI, Vic.

Checklist for Schools, that will be used as part of their school plan analysis process, to assess their efficiency in education for a sustainable environment.

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