Design and Construction of Eco Homes

Sunshine Coast Eco Homes Specialist, Design & Construction of Beautiful New Green Eco Homes 

Why build an energy-efficient Green Eco Home?
Comfort - Increased liveability & built in climate control taking advantage of cooling breezes or insulating you from the extremes as required.
Health – Improved low VOC paints reduce odours & can improve the condition of allergy sufferers  with chemical sensitivities
Value - Reduced energy usage to the point where you can actually be paid for your input to the grid without any major lifestyle changes.
Cost Effective – Innovative designs with a site specific layout means less maintenance & more value for dollar than an off the shelf project home
Resale – All major real estate agents agree that well designed energy efficient homes exceed standard homes in capital growth, attract a larger audience of informed buyers & generally return a 5-10% premium at sale.
Environment – We don’t own the earth, we borrow it from our children. So every small thing we do to reduce carbon is a step in the right direction.


Now building in three exciting new flavours
   Light Green – A great start to saving money on your current energy costs
Minimum one star higher than current energy efficiency requirements
Clever design & orientation
Building envelope insulation
Solar Hot Water System & energy efficient lighting

   Dark Green – Now you’re cooking with gas
Net Zero Energy Homes combining cost effective energy efficient construction with enough onsite production of solar power to exceed average annual usage.
Including all the Light Green features plus a detailed energy analysis of your new home & property to maximise your return on investment.

   Extreme Green - Off the grid & carbon neutral, how low can we go? with the help of an advanced energy audit including the embodied energy of building materials.

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