Down-Light Solution Kit #3

Down-Light Solution Kit #3

Absolutely in EcoMaster.

An EcoMaster particularly preserved inconspicuous plane increased Megaman Palmlite light fitting conclude with a dreadfully inconspicuous CFL 13 watt lamp which has an admirable cozy brightness. With a improved range of light it provides sixty percent more brightness than the 11 watt down-light lamp.

Utilize this to change your fitted or gimballed depleted voltage halogen down-lights. The Palmlite is the identical dimention as a fitted down-light as a result it will wholly coat the existing opening. It can also be set to the kilt of gimballed down-light fittings. Approaches whole with growing belongings which is set for the eco electrical installation.

Dispose of the down-lights all in all with no calling for repairing the opening in the ceiling.

Eradicate fire jeopardy from halogen lamps.

Wholly lag your ceiling and take pleasure in a more resourceful and relaxed home.

As well accessible standing by escalated on an adapter plate for setting up in place of the bigger 240Volt down-lights.

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