Dried Aerials

Dried Aerials

In the past, oat straw was used in India to help opium, morphine and cigarette addicts quit their habits. Extremely nutritious and helpful to the nervous system, oat Straw assists in the development of fit bones, skin, hair and nails.

Austral Herb Tea's Oat Straw is one of the finest medication for nourishing the central nervous system, particularly when under pressure.

Austral Herb Tea's Oat Straw may be used with most of the other herbs to reinforce the nervous system.

The excessive intensity of silicic acid in the straw makes clear its utilization as a medicine for skin conditions, particularly for outer uses. Oat Straw is regularly used as a bath sage to moderate skin and help with eczema and neuralgia.

The basic chemical elements of Oat Straw comprises saponins, flavonoids, starch, alkaloids, steroids, calcium, iron, B vitamins, lysine, and methionine.


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