Earth Friendly Stationery

Gumnut Hill Stationery is designed and made for people who share our love of writing, no matter if it is thought, contemplation, music or ideas and sketches. 

Demand for paper is one of the most important factor causing destruction of forests and rainforests around the world. Approximately 3 billion to 6 billion tress are chopped to make new paper, which equals to an area roughly as large as Ireland.

In our Online Stationery store, you will find a range of stationery made from 100% recycled paper and non-toxic environmental friendly inks. During the design of our products we have both of your wellbeing and health of the earth in mind.

The current range of Gumnut Hill Eco Recycled Paper Stationery include note pads, note books, cards, writing inks, beeswax candles as well as pens, pencils other writing accessories.


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