Eco-Cements have relatively tall extent of magnesia[1] which in absorbent materials carbonates adding strength and toughness. TecEco's Eco-Cement formulations are usually used for:-

a. Pavers

b. Blocks

c. Bricks

d. permeable pavements

e. Other porous cement based products.

Eco-Cements are presently made from magnesia manufactured in a kiln and they reabsorbs chemical releases. In the longer term we try to build them using the magnesium in sea water and brines without releases resulting in a net sequestration (See Gaiaengineering).

TecEco's Eco-Cement breakthrough has engrossed much promotion around the world for its carbon dioxide confiscation prospective. Mimicking nature Eco-Cement concretes soak up huge quantity of CO2 from the environment in order to become firm into materials used in the built environment.

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