Eco-Masonry products include in their formulation imprudent magnesia and wastes and they are more environment friendly than Portland Cement masonry products.

Bricks blocks and pavers are made by make use of TecEco technology:

Are more environmentally friendly with low personified energies and fewer emissions.

Eco-Cements set by absorbing CO2

Tec-Cements need a small quantity of cement for the equal strength.

Compare to any other technology Both Tec and eco cement can consist more wastes and raw materials

Protect the Portland cement from the chemical agents that that cause corrosion

Have high thermal mass / low embodied energy/ insulating (depending on aggregate) properties and are errand for energy saving buildings

Recyclable (Eco-Cements). Fire Retardant (Eco-Cements).

Low pH (Tec and Eco-Cements)


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