Eco Water Treatment and more

Eco Water Treatment and more

At Hirth Plumbing Solahart, we are your specialists when it comes to anything plumbing related. We are also proud agents for Aqua Nova wastewater treatment systems. 

The Aqua Nova is a two tank system which will provide the very latest in aerated wastewater treatment systems. This is for both domestic wastewater treatment and commercial wastewater treatment.

We also feature a number of water treatment options for you too. We can offer a range of water softeners and these are specially designed and engineered to be able to take out magnesium and calcium from the water. These are scientifically proven methods and will have you no longer relying on purchasing bottled water.

The plumbing services that we offer do not end there. We can also repair and install:

Hot water, Solar hot water, Solar power systems, Roof skylights, Roof work, Leaking taps Cistern leaks, Water filtration and softeners and much more.

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