Carter Holt Harvey's Ecotainer's hot cup is part of a radical new line of cups that give an environmentally sensitive substitute to customary paper cups.

Carter Holt Harvey's Ecotainer are sourced from entirely renewable resources, these cups use a corn-based plastic as a moisture fences in place of the petro-chemical. This new PLA-based coating permits the cups to be acknowledged thru Visy recycling plants. Merge this with a lesser manufacturing energy needs, the Ecotainer's hot cup trim down environmental impact while providing all the functionality of a standard cup.

Your customer's won't be able to tell a difference, but the environment will!

These are the following features: -

- Made from entirely renewable resources

- accepted thru recycling depots. Visy Technical Centre report November 2007

- need small amount energy to produce

- Offers your customer a chance to positively impact the environment.

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