Electric Tricycle Mobility Scooters

The people who want a little bit more help in transport to climb up the hills for reasons such as balance problems or other some reasons should get the assistance from Australian All Electric Vehicles "Electric Tricycle Mobility Scooter".

They are mainly helpful for people with arthritic knees or other physical restrictions that can restrict cycling opportunities on an E-Moped/E-Bike/E-Trike or ordinary bike. It is restricted to the speed up to 10 Kph, but with all the features and benefits of an E-Tricycle. Still be driven on footpaths, in shopping centres, etc, though NOT allowed for use on public roads, roadways or Bicycle lanes.

Australian All Electric Vehicles "Electric Tricycle Mobility Scooters" have no lack of power, high cargo carrying capacity (150Kg+ in addition to the rider) and a whopping 80-100Km+ range! In addition the battery packs are extremely simple to get rid of, making the battery-less behavior of them certainly very light and simple.

A very ruggedly built, elevated superiority Mobility Scooter. Perfect for local shopping, everyday jobs or just getting out and about. (adult three wheelers) (10 Kph (Speed-Limited))

A custom alteration, options, upgrades and builds presented.


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