Employment Purpose Checks

4. VEVO Work & Entitlement Checks (NZ & Internationals)
5. Qualification/Education Checks (for Businesses)
6. Employment History Checks (for Businesses)
7. Money Laundering Checks
8. Bankruptcy Checks
9. International Criminal Checks
10. International ID Verification Checks

• 100% Online – 1-2hr results: You process all checks via our Business Customer login Dashboard. 80% of our police check results return within the hour. No Scanning, No Printing, No Signature required by Applicant.
• Outsource (optional): This is another option, where we can call your candidates on your behalf, run their police checks and send you their results. We are the only police check company that does police checks via Phone Orders.
• DVS Integration: Verify ID’s online. No printing, no scanning, no uploading candidate’s ID’s. Just enter all their necessary details and we’ll verify their ID’s through our Document Verification Service (DVS).


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