Energy Assessments

-Is your new home design efficient?
-Is the orientation the best it can be?
-What if some window sizes were changed or perhaps the glass type?
-Does this make a difference to my rating? my long term savings?

Your design can be checked before the final drawings are completed. Sometimes minor changes can make a world of difference to the energy usage of your home.

Six stars is the minimum rating required for a home but why stop there? We can show you if there are any areas of your home that could have better energy conservation level. A room by room breakdown can also be done to see how different rooms are impacted by the environment and construction used.

Want even more? have your home modeled in 3D and we can show you a sun study for the whole year! see how orientation, shading and window placement affect how natural light helps and hinders your home.

Send your plans for an assessment now

PS if you dont have plans or a design yet call us to discuss how we can help.

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