Environmental Wastewater Management Course

Environmental Wastewater Management Course

Here at Whitehead & Associates Environmental Consultants, we offer environmental training with one of our most popular courses being the Land Capability Assessment for On-site Wastewater Management course.

More rigorous requirements for Land Capability Assessment have been incorporated into the most recent version of the EPA Victoria Code of Practice - Onsite Wastewater Management and the recently published Victorian Land Capability Assessment Framework.

 This course brings you up to date with recent changes in both of the above documents. The course covers all aspects of land capability (site and soil) assessment and design and management of on-site and decentralised wastewater management systems to comply with current legislation. 

The course follows the methodology presented in the Victorian Land Capability Assessment Framework which has now been incorporated in the revised Code of Practice and the approach of the Australian Standard On-site Domestic Wastewater Management.

The course is designed for those involved in land capability assessment, wastewater treatment, planning, design, installation, regulation, management and performance supervision of domestic on-site and decentralised wastewater management systems. 

Councils should encourage attendance by site and soil assessors preparing Land Capability Assessment (LCA) reports to support development applications.

This three-day course comprises lecture presentations, practical demonstrations, hands-on practical and workshop sessions and a hands-on field based land capability assessment and design workshop.

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