Environmental Wetland management

Environmental Wetland management

At Ecology Australia, we offer a wide range of environmental services and management from Environmental impact assessments to Wetland management.

We know that Wetland management is a global conservation issue. We have a diverse range of biological and socio-economic values and we understand the importance of wetlands because they are the focus of much resource management. 

Ecology Australia have a long and successful track record in wetland management. We are very much experienced in wetland design and construction and we also feature true understanding of landscape and horticultural requirements. 

Constructed wetlands provide a highly cost-effective option for improving the quality of urban and industrial waste-waters by removing nutrients, pollutants and sediment loads. These wetlands will feature valuable conservation, recreation and landscape functions.

We know that emerging discipline is rapidly taking precedence in the controversial issues of mine-site rehabilitation and other large-scale developments.

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