Environmental and Revegetation Services

Environmental and Revegetation Services

Here at Western Botanical, we have been providing integrated botanical consulting and revegetation services across Western Australian for over two decades. 

Our goal is to find the most effective way to fulfil our clients' environmental obligations as well as protecting the environment.

We offer three services - Botanical consulting, revegetation services and seed testing.

When it comes to botanical consulting we like to provide a range of strategic, planning and practical collations that underpin our work across the Western Australian region. This allows us to place importance on minimising costs and delays by crewing a sound action plant from the onset. 

For the Perth metro area to remove mine sites, our revegetation services division provides cost effective contracting services with emphasis on achieving species richness and plant abundance that meet the most demeaning rehabilitation criteria.

We also do seed testing in our seed labs and this will give a complete range of seed treatments and solutions to ensure the best and more environmental friendly outcomes. 

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