Extremely Nappies

Extremely Nappies makes and provides the best modern cloth nappies in the market. Each of our cloth nappies are unique and no two are exactly the same.

Mordern Cloth nappies are as hygienic, waterproof, absorbent and safe as disposable ones but they look bettter, feel more comfortable and most importantly don't have to be thrown away after use. Newborns may need as many as 12 nappies a day and toddler need some less. This count for $4000-$5000 on nappies for every child from birth. It is apparent that modern nappies from Extremely Nappies are way more economical than disposables. You can even re-use your nappies on subsequent kids provided a bit care.

At Extremely Nappies in Brisbane we handcraft our lovely nappies using high quality environmental friendly materials.

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