Flexible Sandstone, Flexible Slate, Flexible Stone Veneer Cladding

Flexible Sandstone is truly remarkable in its versatility. It is so bendable that it can be rolled. Our thin sandstone is available in large format, up to 3 m2. Thin sandstone veneer is also available in a variety of colors.

Flexible Slate can be a beautiful addition to any space with its earthy color palette. Earth Anatomy thin slate can come in a variety of colors and is also available in large format, up to 3 m2.

Granite is one of the most abundant resources in the world. What is not abundant are some of the many colors and varieties that are found around the world. Conservation is always in everyone’s best interest. This is why the early Egyptians mastered the use of wood veneer, due to a shortage of solid wood forests in Egypt.

Our granite veneer can be cut to less than 0.5mm in thickness. It also comes in standard thicknesses of 2.0mm and 4.5mm. The thicker the stone, the deeper the color and the more rigid the panel (as a general rule will all of our stones). Our granite can also come on a variety of substrates depending upon your project requirements. We recommend that you connect with an Earth Anatomy™ representative to discuss large projects and intended results. We will help you decide on a stone type and substrate.

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