A complete list of projects undertaken can be supplied upon request. Water Research Laboratory has a team of hydrogeoligists and environmental engineers who are highly regarded for groundwater problem solving. This team is recognized in Australia and internationally for project services and applied research in; geophysical imaging and borehole tomography of the subsurface; groundwater chemistry and geochemical indicators of leakage through clay barrier systems. The application of this expert groundwater service include: effluent reuse and disposal, Stalinization, water budgets, groundwater quality, transport and fate of contaminants, acid soleplate soils and leakage through clay barriers.

A practical approach to solving groundwater problems is adopted by project staff, in consultation with industry and government agencies. Studies generally commence with a desktop research followed by design and implementation of specific data collection programs. Water Research Laboratory has extensive borehole, geophysics and logging instrumentation along with numerical models and chemistry laboratory facilities to aid with data understanding and process understanding.

Following Key Areas

* Groundwater supply

* Leakage assessment

* Coastal dune aquifers

* Groundwater quality

* Fate of contaminants

* Effluent re-use & disposal

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