Glenbar Produce

Glenbar Produce

Glenbar Produce

Glenbar has a mob of 1,800 merino ewes (Keri-Keri blood). These are joined to a mixture of Keri-Keri rams that forms the basis of our self replacing flock. A number of ewes are also joined to Dorset and White Suffolk rams to produce fat lambs. Glenbar has many other organically certified produce other than Beer & Malt. These include:

Certified Orgranic grains:

Rice, Wheat, Spelt, Oats, Barley & Hay.

Certified Organic lamb:

We have purchased a small mob of Dorper/Damara cross ewes as well as a Dorper ram to further add to our Fat Lamb Program & a stud Dorper ewe and ewe lamb, with the aim of starting a small Dorper Stud.

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