Grand Soleil Mattress

Grand Soleil Mattress

At Beyond Furniture, we believe that a natural mattress - or the Grand Soleil Mattress, the one that we stock is best for a comfortable good night's sleep.

Most people are currently sleeping on mattresses that is made from synthetic, petrochemical produced fabrics. These mattresses are very much likely to contain harmful synthetic fibres that release toxins, cause allergies, moulds and mildews. This is firstly, bad for your health, secondly cause you to have an unhygienic sleep environment and finally, will have a negative on our ageing process and our mental well-being.

Diet, exercise and good sleep are the 3 main foundations for a healthy body. Although good sleep is the easiest to achieve, it is the the most neglected. 

The Grand Soleil mattress is one of the latest innovations for top quality sleep. It is made from natural vegetable oils, like sunflower oil. As most of the resources used are renewable, this mattress is practically inexhaustible and totally environmentally friendly. Grand Soleil mattresses are created for sleep sensation and comfort whilst protecting our environment. 

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