Green Loans Free Assessments

Green Loans Free Home Sustainability Assessments is an Australian Government initiative helping Australians respond to climate change. It assists Australian families with the cost of implementing Home Sustainability Assessment recommendations.

What is a free home sustainability assessment?
A qualified assessor will visit your home and advise you on the best actions to reduce your energy and water bills, increase the comfort of your home, and reduce damaging carbon pollution.  Your assessment will involve the physical inspection of major energy and water systems relating to thermal comfort, water heating, lighting, refrigeration, cooking, entertainment, water efficiency and outdoor consumption and waste management. 

Your assessment will take around 1.5 hours depending on the amount of information readily available, the size of your property and the number of energy and water systems to check. A few weeks after your assessment you receive a tailored home sustainability assessment report which is valid for six months. Your report recommends the best water and energy saving changes you can make to your property and practical information to help you get started.

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