Green earth toilet paper

Is Your Recycled Paper Tree Friendly?

Have you ever wondered what recycled paper really is?  Were you aware that it is defined as paper having a minimum of 30% recycled post consumer material and the rest could be of virgin pulp?
Some companies disguise their paper as 100% recycled, but fail to tell you that they use offcuts of virgin pulp.
The sad truth is, we may still be cutting down trees when using recycled paper.  That is why we only insist on using 100% Recycled Post Consumer Material.

So breath easy and hug a tree!
Green Earth = Tree Friendly

Code: 2856  Qty: 440 sheets 2ply x 48 rolls per carton

NB: post consumer material is typically defined as used paper, cardboard, etc that has been used by consumers or end users and gathered for recycling rather than going to landfill

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