Greywater Treatment

Greywater Treatment

Ecoflo Water Management is approved as a primary treatment system in Queensland. It has not yet been submitted for state approval in other states, however because some councils in NSW and Tasmania recognize the efficiency of the system over a septic tank they have allowed its installation.

Since this can usually be dug by a hand held machine the cost is very low. The application area materials should be supplied and installed by your plumber.

Ecoflo Water Management provides an odour free method of filtering and cleaning Greywater with no moving or electrical parts. The water from all Greywater outlets flows into a polymer tank where it is increasingly filtered and biologically cleaned.

From the tank the treated water flows under gravity into an application area. Queensland legislation introduced in January 08 now allows the treated water from Nature Clear to be distributed to the application area by subsurface irrigation. Typically this means a slotted pipe running through a gravel trench 100mm deep and 100mm wide.

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