Gyprock Extends its Environmental Range and Leads the Way for Green Building Practices

Gyprock continues to be at the forefront of eco building practices, again driving industry standards higher with the expansion of its EC08™ plasterboard range.
The pivotal entry of Gyprock’s unique range of boards: the EC08™ Partition, EC08™ Fire and EC08™ Impact, will provide designers of green buildings the flexibility to specify different grade board for specific applications. This can  reduce the cost of achieving Green Star points with the premium fire, acoustic and impact resistance boards being specified only where these characteristics are desired.
Gyprock Commercial Marketing Manager, Rob Ferrari said, “Recently, we have observed increasing interest from designers and specifiers who are eager to improve the sustainability of their developments. This is an influential direction for the industry to be taking and is also positive news for the environment. At Gyprock, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the needs of the marketplace and pioneering the way with latest building practices.”
The original Gyprock EC08™ with ReCore™ technology, launched last year, was the first Australian-made plasterboard to have been certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). Now, there are three boards in the EC08™ range that carry GECA certification and can contribute to Green Star points in the Green Building Council Australia’s calculators.
Gyprock EC08™ is not only produced with the highest level of  recycled content found in the Gyprock™ range of fire grade and standard plasterboard, but can also be recycled rather than add to the growing waste problem – important factors in gaining the GECA certification.
Suited for areas where fire resistance and acoustic properties are not required, the EC08™ Partition is an economical, non-fire rated board for general building requirements.
The newly named EC08™ Fire is the original EC08 board, which is a fire grade board with higher acoustic properties compared to standard plasterboard.  “EC08™ Fire has the equivalent fire and acoustic properties of 13mm Fyrchek which can be used in wall and ceiling systems, said Rob Ferrari.
EC08™ Impact is fire and acoustic rated with impact resistance for high traffic areas such as education and health facilities.  The level of recycled content in EC08™ Impact is greater than 20%, which has been achieved by continued development of Gyprock’s ReCore™ technology.

“We have noticed that as the green building market grows it is beginning to mirror the traditional commercial market’s requirements of having specific plasterboards for specific applications. Our extended range of plasterboard will ultimately assist builders and designers keep their Green Star cost premium below 5% across a wider range construction projects,” commented Rob Ferrari.
Light green in colour, the Gyprock EC08™ range is available in 13mm thickness and in three dimensions 1200 x 2700, 1200 x 3000 and 1200 x 3600mm. Installation of Gyprock EC08™ is practical and simple – install as per standard plasterboard practice.
Gyprock EC08™ is fully supported by a trained sales team and technical literature

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