Halogen Mitt

Efficiency Matrix flagship product the Halogen Mitt, provides a significant improvement in improving the efficiency of Australian homes. Households can save upto 25% on their heating bill and further savings on lighting and air conditioning.

The Halogen mitt (Downlight cover and lamp) is a Lamp/downlight cover retrofit that enables you to improve the R-vale of your Ceiling substantially by insulating and draught proofing your downlight fittings with a Fire rated product.  The lamps that are included as a part of the retrofit of your downlight fittings provide equal light output with 30% less energy consumption.

~ Eligible for Insulation Rebate and Green loans!
~ Assists in Improving the Australian Energy Star rating of your home.
~ Passes certification for AS/NZS 60598.1, AS/NZS 60598.2.2 & AS/NZS:3000.2007
~ Up to 2 hour fire rating. (CSIRO Certified)  (Fully intumescant materials, which expand in a fire to restrict the fires passage)
~ Insulation can be installed directly up to Downlight Cover/Mitt (Zero clearances)  Refer to AS/NZS 60598 Certification
~ Fixing mount supports Iron core and electronic transformers (Supplied with Product)
~ Installable from above and below ceiling
~ An insulating material with a thermal R-value of 0.5 which significantly reduces heat transfer from both directions
~ Blocks draught.
~ The Halogen Mitt includes a specialized Lamp which directs heat downwards with no loss of light output.
~ The LED Mitt includes an LED Lamp which produces great light output with only 5W of energy consumption.

"Your light fitting is either in the living area or in your roof, there can be no in between.  The Halogen Mitt finally resolves the ugly inefficiencies of downlights, cost effectively."

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