Hands First Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitiser

Hands First Foaming Wall Dispensers are the perfect way to sanitiser your hands in your business environment and at home.  Tthe 800ml refillable cartridge contains over 1600 metered applications making it very economical once filled with the Hands First Alcohol Free Waterless Hand Sanitiser.  Being Alcohol-free and Non-flammable it can be safely used by everyone, everywhere!
What’s the point of going to the expense of purchasing sanitising products when you don’t like the negative effects that result from using alcohol based gels.  You won’t use them as often as you should and that defeats the purpose.

Hands First will not dry your hands, has no smell or taste.  It is non flammable and does not sting.
It also doesn’t stain fabrics, tarnish jewellery or dull nail polish!

Plus Alcohol based Sanitisers only kill germs up until the time that it takes for them to evaporate, whereas the ingredient in ‘Hands First’ remains active even after the initial application.
Once you use ‘Hands First’ you won’t want to use anything else.
'Good Hygiene is in your Hands'

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