Harvey’s Hemp Seed Oil 500ml

Harvey’s Hemp Seed Oil 500ml

Hemp Seed Oil 100% Pure

• Improves skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and acne.
• Reduces pain and swelling from Arthritis, Osteoporosis 
• Can reverse premenstrual syndrome.
• Useful in treating degenerative diseases.
• Enhances immune functions.
• Can improve blood pressure.
• Has cholesterol lowering abilities.

Harvey’s Hemp oil is cold pressed in a certified organic, food grade facility, offering  superior freshness with light protective bottles and nitrogen flushed packaging which is lined with food grade plastic and fully recyclable.Hemp seeds contain the highest level of essential fatty acids of any plant on earth.

They contain the second highest level of omega 3 (flax seed has the highest). Hemp seed oil contains the best ratio of both omega-3 and omega-6 (1:3) for optimal nutrition and absorption. Hemp seed oil also contains good levels of omega-9 and smaller amounts of super omega-3(SDA) which is useful in metabolizing fat and super omega-6(GLA) which is an anti inflammatory not found in many other plants.

Harvey’s Hemp Seed Oil is both cold stored and batch dated to ensure you receive only the freshest oil possible. Because hemp oil is very delicate and can oxidize easily, it’s important that the first time hemp seed oil is exposed to oxygen is when you pop the lid! This is why our hemp oil is bottled on site, where the seeds are pressed in an oxygen free environment.  100% Australian grown and owned. Freshness guaranteed!

This product has been produced in a food grade facility and is sold as a highly nutritious health food in every western country around the world, but with the Australian government prohibiting the sale of Low THC-Hemp foods in Australia, it is important that this product is only used as animal feed or for external applications only.

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