Heatseeker Plus

The Heatseeker Plus profile from Supreme Heating is very unique in design. The sun provides a certain amount of energy per square meter for our collector to absorb and the design maximises sun energy.

The Heatseeker Plus therefore has a higher efficiency rating than the outdated round shaped 1970's collector designs and it uses energy from the sun. The Heatseeker Plus has a low profile and elliptical  (oval) shape, the tubes can be spaced closer together without shading each other and also making the profile lower and this makes it significantly more wind resistant. The oval shape on the Heatseeker Plus means we can incorporate 25% more tubing into a square meter of roof than other systems. The Heatseeker Plus profile is made from a P.V.C Nitrile material, which is proven in field for the past 15 years.

Another great feature of the Heatseeker Plus design is that it will collect less debris between its tubing. This is a distinct advantage in leafy areas, and ensures low maintenance and a consistent 30% more efficient performance. We have also increased the wall thickness of our Heatseeker Plus profile. Whilst this does increase our manufacturing costs, it ensures the collector walls have sufficient protection against surface degradation which is unavoidable when exposed to the sun.

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