Hemp Bag - Double Buckle Satchel

Hemp Bag - Double Buckle Satchel

Hemptastic is fast becoming the number one website showcasing modern essentials made with hemp, a natural, sustainable, eco resource we can use to manufacture into countless amounts of products we use today. We are achieving this by bringing hemp out of the closet and into the homes of people through the markets, party plan and this website.

Hemptastic Hemp Products Groovy eco hemp bags, made out of 45% hemp. Match this fiery red hemp bag to your style and get noticed. Stand out in the crowd and please the Eco-Gods!

These bags are in limited supply in Australia and popular.

Hemptastic Hemp Products features are many for this double satchel hemp bag. This natural bag is good for mums whom want a smaller baby bag with the space to carry all the basic necessities or for guys who want a bag to carry on their motor bikes or bicycles.

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