Hibernating House Water Management System

Hibernating House offers users the power to make informed decisions about their water usage. Users can monitor daily the amount of water they use. When we take a look at the water using activities that we do daily, such as bathing, dishwashing, etc., the litres add up. With Hibernating House users can monitor what their usage looks like then make educated changes to their day-to-day activities to become more water-wise.

Hibernating House will also detect and then alert users of any minor or major leaks within their property. The system isolates water flow when the home or property is vacant, eliminating the risk of burst water pipes and hoses. The consequences of water damage from large pipe ruptures or even dishwasher and washing machine hose splits can be devastating. Hibernating House offers building owners, occupiers and homeowners piece of mind by having full control over their water system. Ease of water shut-off allows our system to be an easy part of everyday life, depressurising water lines at a push of a button, guaranteeing no bursts or leaks. This means no unnecessary wasting of water, helping us all to be water-wise and water efficient.

The first of its kind in Australia, Hibernating House is the most complete water management system on the market. The system and concept is an original design and manufactured in Australia. The benefits of the Hibernating House system extend far beyond water saving benefits for building owners, occupiers and households.

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